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This calendar Wiki page lists events as organised by the SNSB IT Center and events with active participation of staff of the SNSB IT Center. The events might be devoted either to DWB software development, training or to topics related to sustainable data repositories and domain-specific data management.


Upcoming Events

Termin Event
2022, October 2rd to October 6th GB29: 29th Meeting of the GBIF Governing Board; Brussels, Belgia (status: Observer for the German delegation)
2022, October 11th to October 14th GFBio e.V. Vorstandsitzung and NFDI4Biodiversity All hands conference; Berlin
2022, October 17th to October 21th TDWG 2022 Stronger Together: Standards for linking biodiversity data (hybrid); Sofia, Bulgaria; see TDWG Proceedings 2022 with BISS abstract collection
2022, October 19th to November 3rd Expert Workshop on GBIF Data at ITCER International Training Centre; Siaya, Kenya
2022, November 21th to November 25th SFE² GfÖ EEF Joint meeting, International Conference on Ecological Sciences "Ecology and Evolution: New perspectives and societal challenges" with Session GBIF4Ecology; Metz, France; see preliminary programme
2022, December 5th to December 7th ERASMUS+ Mobility Program training event, academic staff members from Czech Republic, Charles University, Faculty of Science and SNSB IT Center; topics: GBIF nodes, GBIF backbone taxonomy and DWB, TDWG standards and updates, DiSSco and CETAF consortium

Past Events

Termin Event
2022, August 17th to August 18th Kick-Off-Meeting der WG/AG Long-term Archival (LTA) innerhalb der Sektion Common Infrastructures des NFDI e.V.; see Charta/ Concept der LTA Working group; Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Frankfurt; fachliche Vertretung von SNSB als Mitglied des NFDI4Biodiversity Konsortiums gemäß NFDI e.V. Satzung und institutionelles Mitglied von NFDI e.V., siehe auch NFDI4Biodiversity als Konsortium gemäß Bund-Länder-Vereinbarung (dort SNSB Co-Speaker) und intern unter
2022, June 29th Uni Bremen Research Alliance, Data Train Workshop: T. Weibulat, moderation and lecture: How to write a data management plan?
2022, June 22nd 43. Diversity Workbench Workshop – Schlaglichter rund um das Diversity Workbench Netzwerk (ZOOM online event); SNSB IT Center in München
2022, May 23rd to May 25th GBIF ECA 2022 - Regional Europe and Central Asia (ECA) nodes meeting; Luxembourg
2021, December 1st Workshop: IPM – Schädlingsbefall, Maßnahmen und Prävention (online training), Humboldt Universität und Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin; M. Weiss, lecture "Diversity Workbench – Integrated Pest Management"
2021, November 30th to December 2nd DFG Roundtable: A strategy for fostering the use of persistent identifiers (PID) for samples in the German science community, online meeting organised by CAU Kiel, TU Braunschweig, HHU Düsseldorf; discussions
2021, November 8th to 9th 42. Diversity Workbench Workshop – DWB Training; Introduction in the Database Suite with focus on management of descriptive (trait) data and identification keys (virtual workshop); SNSB IT Center in München
2021, October 18th to 22th TDWG Virtual Conference 2021, lecture; see and Symposium 3 schedule
2021, October 3th 10. Tag der Bayernflora 2021; Nürnberg, lecture, information booth
2021, September 27th to 30th INFORMATIK 21 Konferenz Berlin & online; Workshop Computer Science for Biodiversity, see also program and abstracts here, co-organised by SNSB with 23 contributions; DNK lecture, DNK software demo
2021, September 23th to 24th 1. Jahreskonferenz NFDI4Biodiversity; Leipzig, lecture, use case posters (involved in AraGes and GBOL); conference booklet
2021, September 23th GFBio Jahreskonferenz, Farewell & Handover to NFDI4Biodiversity, see Gemeinsame Jahreskonferenz GFBio & NFDI4Biodiversity; Leipzig, lecture, podium discussion, posters; conference booklet
2021, July 29th Uni Bremen Research Alliance, Data Train Workshop: T. Weibulat, lecture: How to write a data management plan?
2021, June 23th Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities Research Center "The role of culture in early expansions of humans" (ROCEEH), AG Seminar "On data management and data publicaton in Anthropology via GBIF/ GFBio data pipelines"; lecture "The SNSB data pipelines for publishing occurrence data via GBIF are appropriate for human osteological collections" (pdf, link to pdf, link to pdf 2)
2021, June 23th GFBio DMP-Workshop for TaxonOmics; T. Weibulat, roadshow
2021, June 22th GFBio DMP-Workshop for FEdA; T. Weibulat, roadshow
2021, June 16th to 17th MOBILISE All Hands Meeting virtually hosted by the Natural History Museum of Crete including a WG4 workshop Towards publishing a "Guideline for long-term preservation and archiving of data products from scientific collections facilities": co-convener, lectures
2021, April 27th to 28th 41. Diversity Workbench Workshop – DWB Training: Introduction in the Database Suite with focus on management of occurrence data and species monitoring projects (virtual workshop); SNSB IT Center in München
2021, March 24th to 26th Workshop "The Future of Managing Osteological Data in Biological Anthropology" (DFG-funded international event on invitation); planned to be held at University of Freiburg; now online; lecture DWB software solutions - open source and free for download and lecture The SNSB data pipelines for publishing occurrence data via GBIF are appropriate for human osteological collections with abstracts
2020, December 1st to 2nd 40. Diversity Workbench Workshop – DWB Training: Introduction in the Database Suite with focus on Scientific Collection Management (virtual workshop); SNSB IT Center in München
2020, November 24th to 26th 8th GFBio General Assembly (virtual event), talk: "GFBio Task 2.1 Highlights 2020 Data Curation Services"
2020, October 27th to 30th Die floristische Kartierung in Deutschland – Stand, Verfahren, Perspektiven; Internationale Naturschutzakademie Insel Vilm, Anmeldeformular, (online), J. Wellsow, talk for download
2020, October 26th to 27th 39. Diversity Workbench-Workshop – DWB Training: DiversityDescriptions as Research Data Management System (RDMS) (virtual workshop); SNSB IT Center in München
2020, June 25th to 26th GFBio SAB and SC Meeting, Erfurt; physical meeting canceled, virtual meeting at 2020-06-25
2020, April 20th to 21th CETAF Joint ISTC and Digitisation Working Groups Meeting, London; physical meeting canceled, virtual meeting at 2020-04-21, talk: "Data archiving strategies in regard to CETAF facilities and planned DiSSCo services - highlighted by COST Mobilise"
2020, March 3rd to 4th BIOfid Fortbildung für Fachreferentinnen und Fachreferenten der Biologie, Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt (Schopenhauer Studio); Programm, GFBio talk: "GFBio - German Federation of Biological Data und historische Biodiversitätsdaten"; lectures for download
2020, February 10th to 12th WG4 Workshop "Data storage and archiving strategies: Towards a documentation and guideline" and COST MOBILISE CA17106 MC3 Meeting in Warsaw, University of Warsaw, Biological and Chemical Research Centre, Poland, talk "GFBio: Consortium with partners for archiving"

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