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This calendar Wiki page lists events as organised by the SNSB IT Center and events with active participation of staff of the SNSB IT Center. The events might be devoted either to DWB software development, training or to topics related to sustainable data repositories and domain-specific data management.


Upcoming Events

Vairão in the Porto region in Portugal in the week of 30 September – 4 October 2024.

Termin Event
2024, March 5th to March 6th Vorstandsklausur GFBio e.V., Camp Reinsehlen (DT); contact: Sandra Nowack
2024, April 12th to 13th Initiative "Atlas Flora Alpina" – Second meeting; Rovereto (Italy) (JW, WD), see also Interreg Alpine Space Programme mit Rahmenprogramm 2021-2027 als pdf und Demo Installation Atlas Flora Alpina
2024, April 24th to April 26th NFDI4Biodiversity All Hands Conference 2024, München, Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns (mit Beiträgen der SNSB)
2024, April 29th to 30th CETAF Information Science & Technology Commission (ISTC) Meeting and Digitisation Working Group (DWG) Meeting, Prague (SS)
2024, May 27th to May 28th GBIF ECA 2024 - Regional Europe and Central Asia Nodes Meeting, Zagreb (TW, DT?)
2024, May 27th to May 28th 55th General Assembly of CETAF (CETAF55), Oslo, Norway, hosted by the Natural History Museum of Oslo, University of Oslo
2024, August 28th GFBio-NFDI4BioDiversity-U. Bremen Research Alliance: Data Train 2024 Workshop & Session, Bremen (TW), see here
2024, September 2nd to September 6th SPNHC -TDWG 2024 Conference, Okinawa, Japan, hosted by the NPO Osaka Natural History Center
2024, September 18th to September 20th PM-CH 2024 Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage, Humboldt Forum Berlin, Germany; program
2024, September 30th to October 4th GBIF Governing Board meeting (GB31), Vairão in the Porto region in Portugal
2024, October 25th or 26th (?) 11. Tag der Bayernflora; München

Past Events

Termin Event
2024, January 25th to January 26th NFDI4Biodiversity SC-Klausurtagung, Event Agenda und Registrierung, Bremen (SS, DT)
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Past Events 2022-2023

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Click also Workshops at the SNSB IT Center.

For internal project meetings see IBF interne Arbeitstreffen.

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