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A high number of the about 90 species found in Germany are threatened by habitat destruction and therefore they are subject to nature conservation plans, evaluation reports and management tasks. The diversity of Orthoptera communities in various habitats, however, is not easily monitored by visual methods because the individuals are often difficult to localise. For this reason biologists have developed advanced methods for acoustic monitoring of the species-specific "soundtracks" of grasshoppers and locusts.

IBF Orthoptera aims tracing Orthoptera by (a) visual observation and (b) their soundtracks. In addition, it is documenting descriptions of their habitat through time-stamped photographs. Comparing and testing DiversityMobile technology on smartphones will optimize the interface functionality and additional technical features, e.g. internal GPS and supplementary equipment, for outdoor data management. The usability and utility of DiversityMobile technology for inventorying projects of a commercial agency (IVL) will be evaluated.

An integrated data- and workflow starting with data entry, storage and management in the DWB data repository, and its publication via GBIF will be realised. For this purpose IBF Orthoptera is testing the audio-function as Diversity Mobile related feature using directional microphone. The workflow for acoustic monitoring of grasshoppers realised for the 2013 saison is described under IBF Orthoptera Soundtracks Workflow 2013. Furthermore, the applicability of DTN taxon list management, upload functionality for DTN taxon lists, and TK25 topographic maps of Bavaria within the DWB platform will be tested and reviewed in this work package. Georeferenced images of field plots and research areas could be part of the mobile virtual research environment. They might be designed using the DWB GIS Editor on a PC and after that uploaded in the mobile device.

BioCASe Provider Software Resource [ IBF Monitoring of Orthoptera]

GBIF Data Resource IBF Monitoring of Orthoptera

Scientist in this workpackage: H. Schott

Extern partners: Dr. S. Ingrisch, Dr. K. Riede

The DFG funded project IBF expired in 2014.

http://www.diversitymobile.net/wiki/images/1/1b/Podisma_pedestris.png http://www.diversitymobile.net/wiki/images/6/69/Acoustics.png

Podisma pedestris ........................Orthopteran "Sound-Track"

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