IBF Datasets accessible by GBIF

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Five IBF Datasources (=Datasets) are accessible through the GBIF Data Portal. They are provided by the GBIF Data Publisher "Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns". The installation delivers more than 203.000 georeferenced IBF observation records (BioCASE Wrapper access: 2014-03-27).

GBIF Portal Access Local BioCASE Query Tool Description of the GBIF DataSource Description of the IBF Project Responsible
IBF Monitoring of Fungi IBFfungicoll About the "IBF Monitoring of Fungi" IBF Fungi Josef Simmel
IBF Monitoring of Galls IBFgallscoll About the "IBF Monitoring of Galls" IBF Eco Gerhard Rambold, Alexander Guhr
IBF Monitoring of Lichens IBFlichenscoll About the "IBF Monitoring of Lichens" IBF Lichens Wolfgang von Brackel
IBF Monitoring of Orthoptera IBForthopteracoll About the "IBF Monitoring of Orthoptera" IBF Orthoptera Harald Schott
IBF Monitoring of Plants IBFplantscoll About the "IBF Monitoring of Plants" IBF Plants Wolfgang Ahlmer, Jürgen Klotz