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This calendar Wiki page lists events as organised by the SNSB IT Center and events with active participation of staff of the SNSB IT Center. The events might be devoted either to DWB software development, training or to topics related to sustainable data repositories and domain-specific data management.


Upcoming Events

Termin Event
2023, May 30th to May 31st (Bio) Workshop for NFDI4Biodiversity, Braunschweig, DSMZ (SS)
2023, June 14th to June 15th NFDI4Biodiversity TA3 Core Meeting intern, GWDG Göttingen, - Geiststraße 10 - Besprechungsraum (DT, TW)
2023, June 15th Koordinationstreffen OSIRIS, Bonn (SS)
2023, June 22nd to June 23rd NFDI4Biodiversity SC Klausurtagung – 29. SC-Meeting, SUB Göttingen, Historisches Gebäude; Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Nordstadt (DT)
2023, June 26th to June 27th NFDI4Biodiversity TA4 Meeting, Kassel-Wilhelmhöhe; Tagungshotel Schweizerhof (DT, SS)
2023, July 20th Bayern4NFDI – Vernetzungstreffen der an der NFDI beteiligten Institutionen in Bayern, Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns, München (DT, TW)
2023, September 12th to 14th September 1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI), Karlsruhe; Poster Abstract Submission until June 16th; see also NFDI4Biodiversity wiki (?SS)
2023, September 12th to 16th September 52. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie e.V., Leipzig; call for abstracts, deadline May 15th (BK, ?)
2023, October 9th to October 13th TDWG Annual Conference, Hobart, Australia (hybrid); call for abstracts, deadline July 1st (?CN)
2023, October SNSB-BSM/IT-Center Projekt: GBIF training for scientists: mobilizing ethnobiological data in Africa; International Training Centre for Environmental Research (ITCER), Ng'iya, Siaya County, Kenya (DT, ?TW, ?WR)

Past Events

Termin Event
2023, May 15th to May 18th GBIF ECA 2023 - Regional Europe and Central Asia Nodes Meeting with Objectives and Agenda, Warsaw (TW)
2023, April 21th CETAF Information Science & Technology Commission (ISTC) Meeting and Digitisation Working Group (DWG) Meeting (webex online, 10:00 - 16:00 CEST) (DT, SS)
2023, March 29th Arbeitstreffen der Münchner Einrichtungen BSB, GDA und SNSB zur DWB Interoperabilität, Menzinger Str. 67, SNSB-BSM und IT Center
2023, March 22nd to March 23rd NFDI Section Common Infrastructure, Workshop der AG LTA (see concept), Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt, Magdalenenstr. 8, 64289 Darmstadt, Vortragssaal im UG 1 (S1 / 20, R. 01; ab 9.30 Uhr); siehe auch Ratskeller Darmstadt
2023, March 10th to 11th Initiative "Atlas Flora Alpina" – Kick-off meeting; Lugano (Switzerland): Museo cantonale di storia naturale, Viale Carlo Cattaneo 4, 6900 Lugano, Schweiz
2023, March 6th to March 10th BTW 2023 Dresden - 20th Conference on Database Systems for Business, Technology and Web,Workshop on Big (and Small) Data in Science and Humanities (BigDS2023), member of the program committee
2023, March 3rd Viertes Treffen des Fachbeirates der AG Flora von Bayern; event at SNSB - Botanische Staatssammlung München and SNSB IT Center, München
2023, February 7th to 9th DiSSCo Futures: wrap up of the three DISSCo-linked projects – DiSSco Prepare, SYNTHESYS+ and COST MOBILISE, including training event; Brussels (Belgium): Practical information
2023, February 1st LMU Botany Seminar Winter Semester 2022 – 2023: lecture "The Diversity Workbench framework at the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change: From the collection object to FAIR data" (Peter Grobe) with abstract and pdf; Munich (hybid event)
2023, January 12th to January 14th COST MOBILISE WG 4 Workshop: Finalisation of the Guideline for Long-Term Preservation and Archiving of Data Products/ Data Constructs from Scientific Collections Facilities, see also COST Action MOBILISE Recent Posts, event at SNSB IT Center, München
2022, December 5th to December 7th ERASMUS+ Mobility Program training event, academic staff members from Czech Republic, Charles University, Faculty of Science and SNSB IT Center; topics: GBIF nodes, GBIF backbone taxonomy and DWB, TDWG standards and updates, DiSSco and CETAF consortium; event at SNSB IT Center, München; see Agenda
2022, November 21st to November 25th SFE² GfÖ EEF Joint meeting, International Conference on Ecological Sciences "Ecology and Evolution: New perspectives and societal challenges" with Session GBIF4Ecology and lecture "Natural History Collections in their role of providing vouchered and georeferenced data sources to the GBIF network" (D. Triebel, J. Holetschek & T. Weibulat); Metz, France; see programme
2022, November 16th 3. BfN Workshop „Inhaltliche und Datenstandards, Datenmodell für Beobachtungsdaten und Nachweise", BfN Bonn; virtuell auf Einladung; Julia Wellsow; Protokolle der ersten beiden Workshops 2022 im Wiki?
2022, October 19th to November 3rd Expert Workshop on GBIF Data at ITCER International Training Centre; Siaya, Kenya
2022, October 17th to October 21st TDWG 2022 Stronger Together: Standards for linking biodiversity data (hybrid); Sofia, Bulgaria; see TDWG Proceedings 2022 with BISS abstract collection; see also Wikidata Status updates October 2022 on past events
2022, October 11th to October 14th GFBio e.V. Vorstandssitzung and NFDI4Biodiversity All hands conference; Berlin, several talks and one workshop "Validierung von Portalen zur Registrierung von Services" , T. Weibulat
2022, October 8th Treffen der AG Flora von Bayern, Geschäftsführende Steuerungsgruppe und Regionalkoordinatoren, Nürnberg (Norishalle), Dr. J. Wellsow
2022, October 2nd to October 6th GB29: 29th Meeting of the GBIF Governing Board; Brussels, Belgia (status: Member of the German delegation)
2022, August 17th to August 18th Kick-Off-Meeting der WG/AG Long-term Archival (LTA) innerhalb der Sektion Common Infrastructures des NFDI e.V.; Vortrag "NFDI4Biodiversity Use Cases zur Langzeitarchivierung", M. Puchta (GDA), D. Triebel; Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Frankfurt; for further info see Charta/ Concept der LTA Working group; fachliche Vertretung von SNSB als Mitglied des NFDI4Biodiversity Konsortiums gemäß NFDI e.V. Satzung und institutionelles Mitglied von NFDI e.V., siehe auch NFDI4Biodiversity als Konsortium gemäß Bund-Länder-Vereinbarung (dort SNSB Co-Speaker) und intern unter
2022, June 29th Uni Bremen Research Alliance, Data Train Workshop: T. Weibulat, moderation and lecture: How to write a data management plan?
2022, June 22nd 43. Diversity Workbench Workshop – Schlaglichter rund um das Diversity Workbench Netzwerk (ZOOM online event); SNSB IT Center in München
2022, May 23rd to May 25th GBIF ECA 2022 - Regional Europe and Central Asia (ECA) nodes meeting; Luxembourg

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