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For process modeling the chair for Applied Computer Science IV at the University of Bayreuth uses a special modeling technique which is called perspective oriented process modeling POPM. The integrated process manager (iPM) is a tool which implements the POPM paradigm and allows the creation of process models in an easy way. To create a process model intensive communication with the carriers of the knowledge, the so called domain experts, is necessary. After identifying the processes, the processes are modeled with iPM and visualized. The benefit of this visualization is a quicker understanding of the processes for users who are not familiar with the modeled domain.

The following process models describe the current processes of collecting biological data in Regensburg (Ecology/Biology) and Bayreuth (DNA-Analytics and Ecoinformatics).

For the visualization of the processes your browser needs an SVG-plugin. This should be installed in all versions of Firefox by default. If you are working with the InternetExplorer you need to install the version which is appropriate for your system from Adobe. If you are experiencing problems with viewing the process models please contact Tobias Schneider