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DiversityMobile WM was developed until 2011. In this implementation the .NET framework was used. Hence, only mobile phones which are running und Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher are supported.

At the moment a mobile device which runs DiversityMobile WM should fulfill the following requirements:

For the use of the mobile device outdoors some special requirements (after the IP-Standards) are desirable:

  • Protection against hazardous parts
  • Protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful ingress of water
  • Mechanical impact resistance

It is not necessary (but desireable for future extensions) that the mobile device is able to connect with mobile phone networks (enables online data transmission, access to Google Maps,....)

The following devices fulfill all the requirements and represent an actual list of recommendations with advantages and disadvantages:

Mobile phones with keyboard (QWERTZ):

Mobile phones with numerical keyboard (0-9):

Mobile phones only with touchscreen:

A comparison of the named mobile phones can be found here.

A mobile device fulfilling the outdoor requirements (attention: no phone!)