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Upcoming Events

Termin Event
2020, October 26th to October 27th 39. Diversity Workbench-Workshop – DWB Training: DiversityDescriptions as Research Data Management System (RDMS) for study data; SNSB IT Center in München
2020, October 27th to October 30th Die floristische Kartierung in Deutschland – Stand, Verfahren, Perspektiven; Internationale Naturschutzakademie Insel Vilm, Anmeldeformular
2020, November 24th to 26th 8th GFBio General Assembly at Göttingen
2021, March 25th to 26th Workshop "The Future of Managing Osteological Data in Biological Anthropology" at Freiburg

Past Events

Termin Event
2020, June 25th to 26th GFBio SAB and SC Meeting, Erfurt; physical meeting canceled, virtual meeting at 2020-06-25
2020, April 20th to 21th CETAF Joint ISTC and Digitisation Working Groups Meeting, London; physical meeting canceled, virtual meeting at 2020-04-21
2020, March 3rd to 4th BIOfid Fortbildung für Fachreferentinnen und Fachreferenten der Biologie, Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt (Schopenhauer Studio); Programm, GFBio talk: "GFBio - German Federation of Biological Data und historische Biodiversitätsdaten"; lectures for download
2020, February 10th to 12th WG4 Workshop "Data storage and archiving strategies: Towards a documentation and guideline" and MOBILISE MC3 Meeting in Warsaw, Poland
2019, November 20th Flora Silvae Gabretae: FSG Technical Meeting; SNSB IT Center, München
2019, November 14th IT Meeting on GFBio DWB data pipelines at SMNS and SNSB; SNSB IT Center, München
2019, November 4th to November 8th 7th GFBio General Assembly at ZFMK Bonn
2019, October 21st to October 25th biodiversity_next - a joint international conference by TDWG, GBIF, CETAF & DiSSCo, Symposium: "Federated Infrastructures for Sustainable Biodiversity Data Management (SI55)" at Leiden, The Netherlands, symposium co-organizer; see Symposium schedule : Provisional Program 29 July
2019, October 18th 38. Diversity Workbench-Workshop, focus: DWB tools for data management, introduction for researchers; SNSB IT Center in München (10:00-17:00)
2019, October 1st to October 2nd GFBio meeting of GWDG and SNSB on hosting concepts for DWB environments in München
2019, July 3rd Vertrauen Sie Ihrem Archiv? Die nestor-Kriterien als Hilfe bei Konzeption und Bewertung von digitalen Archiven at München
2019, June 7th to June 9th Tagung zum 60-jährigen Bestehen des Südböhmischen Zweiges der Tschechischen Botanischen Gesellschaft (CBS) in Vimperk, CZ, 1 lecture
2019, June 6th to June 7th Biodiversity Community Workshop at Leipzig, organised by the NFDI4BioDiversity Konsortium, 2 lectures, 1 poster
2019, May 13th to May 14th 15. BMBF-Forum für Nachhaltigkeit (FONA Konferenz) at Berlin
2019, April 12th Flora Silvae Gabretae, EU project meeting of the Bavarian partners at the Botanische Staatssammlung München and SNSB IT Center
2019, April 6th 9. Tag der Bayernflora at the Botanische Staatssammlung München, lecture
2019, April 2th GBIF-D Verbund: SC Sitzung at the SNSB IT Center in München
2019, March 19th 37. Diversity Workbench Workshop at the SNSB IT Center in München
2019, March 12th to 13th MOBILISE MC2 Meeting and WG4 Workshop "Data storage and archiving strategies" at Sofia, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research and the National Museum of Natural History, Bulgaria
2019, February 24th to February 26th 20th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik (GfBS), Ludwig-Maximilians-University and Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB); GFBio poster
2019, February 13th to February 14th CETAF Joint ISTC and Digitisation Working Groups Meeting at the Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria; lecture on MOBILISE WG4; lecture on ABS codes in Diversity Workbench; Overview on CETAF Strategy ISTC DWG
2019, January 23rd Workshop "PID-Services für Forschungsdaten im Bereich Lebenswissenschaften" at the ZB MED Köln; see also
2018, December 14th 36. Diversity Workbench-Workshop at the SNSB IT Center in München
2018, November 26th INTERREG V BY CZ 2014-2020 project Flora Silvae Gabretae; kick off meeting at the Botaniska Institute at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czechia
2018, November 16th COST Action MOBILISE Alignment Workshop succeeding the CETAF 44 General Assembly at Bratislava, Slovakia
2018, November 10th to November 13th 18. Münchner Wissenschaftstage at München, poster
2018, November 6th to November 8th 6th GFBio General Assembly at the SNSB IT Center in München, lectures and workshop "Demo of new DWB Tools"
2018, October 2nd COST Action Mobilise CA17106, 1st Management Committee Meeting at Brussels
2018, September 24th to September 28th 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics at Jena, 2 lectures, see proceedings
2018, September 18th 35. Diversity Workbench-Workshop at the SNSB IT Center in München
2018, July 16th to July 21th International Mycological Congress IMC 11 2018 at San Juan, PR, poster
2018, June 25th to Juni 26th 4. RADAR-Workshop at Karlsruhe, T. Weibulat
2018, June 19th to Juni 20th CETAF ISTC Quality of Services Workshop at Copenhagen, lecture, S. Seifert "ID-Service at SNSB"; see also CETAF Specimen Preview Profile (CSPP), Persistent Identifiers for collection objects Sourceforce, Best practices for stable URIs and CETAF Specimen URI Tester
2018, April 26th 34. Diversity Workbench-Workshop at the SNSB IT Center in München
2018, April 14th 8. Tag der Bayernflora "Kulturmodell" in Passau, lectures
2018, February 28th ARAMOB 2nd Project Meeting at the Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe, lecture on GFBio and DWB
2018, February 21th to 22th CETAF Joint ISTC and Digitisation Working Groups Meeting at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, lecture on IndExs

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For internal project meetings see IBF interne Arbeitstreffen.

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