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Intellectual property rights and licenses for software code and scientific content

  • The smartphone app DiversityMobile is implemented by Tobias Schneider and Georg Rollinger, University of Bayreuth, Chair for Applied Computer Science IV under supervision by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski.
  • DWB applications as part of the DiversityMobile environment are implemented by Dr. Markus Weiss and Wolfgang Reichert, SNSB IT Center.
  • DWB software, including software created as part of the IBF project, is generally distributed under GPLv2 license.
  • As part od the DiversityMobile workflow the DTN Taxon name lists and Scientific term lists are used as "pick lists", i. e. with read-only access. The Intellectual property rights lie with the list curators, authors and institutions cited under TNT services and Taxon lists services.
  • DTN Taxon name lists and Scientific term lists are provided under Creative Common License CC-BY as far as TNT services are concerned.
  • The scientific data gained with DiversityMobile during the IBF and other projects and published through the GBIF portal is provided under CC-BY-SA Creative Common License. Users have to accept the GBIF Data Use Agreement.