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By using or contributing to this resource, in addition to agreeing to the copyright and licensing conditions, you also agree to the following privacy policy:

For Readers

If you only read information or enter information to perform queries to access information, the only information collected about you is such as typically collected by web sites in general (server logs including IP address, etc.). This information will not be shared with other parties, except under a compulsory request by law enforcement agencies.

For Contributors

If you contribute work (text, images, other resources) to this collaboration platform, you are performing a publishing act. Your work, your authorship, and the place and time of publication will be recorded and made publicly available.

Although you may delete all or parts of your contribution from the current version of a page or record, your original contribution will normally still be present in a version history or record change log. You do not reserve a right to delete information from these history mechanisms. This is comparable to writing articles or letters to the editor in a scientific journal that are intended for publication. Only in exceptional cases (e. g., in response to illegal content), server, project, or database administrators reserve the right to delete information from these history mechanisms.

Rules for user accounts

Most contribution mechanisms available here require you to first create a user account. The following points apply to the creation of user accounts:

  • Entering personal or business data is voluntarily. Such information may be used exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. Commercial use is not permitted.
  • Name: Because of the importance of authorship to assess quality and validity of scientific contributions, we normally create only accounts under your real name. Only under special circumstances a pseudonym may be considered.
  • Password: Users are encouraged to select strong passwords (more than 8 characters, words not found in dictionaries, ideally containing digits or punctuation). Do not share your password or publish it. We can not guarantee that your password is safe against break-in with hacker tools, but we promise to make every effort to protect your password. Note that passwords are currently not protected against hackers listening on your local network (we use http instead of https).
  • Address: Parts of your address such as country and city may be publicly visible, especially if this is necessary to distinguish multiple persons of the same name.
    • If your personal information contains an affiliation with an organization, the organization name and address will be published.
    • We try to keep your private address confidential, except for the country and city you live in. However, other users of this collaboration platform, after authentication (= login), may be able to read such information to contact you directly. By submitting the information, your agree with this practice.
  • Once created, user accounts cannot be removed upon your request. They are required to document the history of the contributed content.
  • In some cases you may be able to update erroneous information yourself, in other cases a server administrator may have to do this for you.


This web application will set temporary session cookies. Please allow these cookies. The information will be used only for normal server operation. It will not be shared with others or otherwise used to infringe on your privacy.