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CETAF DWG Digitisation Working Group:

26.2. Bavaricon:


Sorops Meeting:

NFDI4BioDiv SC Meeting: 26.2., 9.30 Uhr:

NFDI4BioDiv Konsortialtreffen, 2.3., 16.00 bis 18.00 Uhr, und GoogleDoc:

GBIF Node Meeting: 25.2., 15.00 Uhr,

17.2.: Kick-Off TA3:

TA3 M3 presentation:

1.2.: CETAF Dig:

COST MOBILISE: 14.00: The zoom link is

26.1.: GoogleDoc:

Felix Engel, Anthropologe: email 24.12.20 26.1.: 10.00

CETAF Dig Group, 11.1. 14.00 Uhr

Greef ETH Zürich: Biodiversitätsnetzwerk Schweiz: 13. Januar um 10:00 Uhr. Der Link zum Meeting ist hier:; wichtig:

NFDI 3. Konsortialtreffen

Digitaler Katalog ZFMK:


Dear Workshop participants,

based on your entries to the online poll we have decided on the dates for the Workshop "The Future of Managing Osteological Data in Biological Anthropology" in Freiburg:

THU 25 / FRI 26 March 2021

These are the only days on which all of us are available and I hope that this has not changed since the poll.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we cannot be absolutely sure that a meeting in Freiburg will be possible by March. Therefore, we are also preparing for the eventuality of an online event. However, we would very much prefer a face-to-face meeting and this will be our main line of planning for now. A final decision on how the workshop will be executed will be made around New Year. As the outcome of the workshop is essential for the progression of our project a postponement will not be an option. So the workshop will happen at the dates given above in one form or the other.

Stefan and I are happy to welcome Lukas Bender as a research assistant to our project team. Lukas is taking over the logistic organisation of the workshop from now on. You can always contact him with questions and notifications concerning your travel to and stay at Freiburg:

For issues concerning the contents of the workshop, please keep contacting me.

As a first official act, Lukas has created another short online poll to take your preferences concerning travel and accommodation. You will find more information in the description. Please find the poll at the following address:

The required password is the following:


Please take the poll as soon as possible so that Lukas will be able to reserve hotel rooms for you at Freiburg.

du kannst von deinem privaten Rechner auf die LRZ Cloud Storage zugreifen, auf zwei Arten:

1) Wenn du dir den VPN-Client installiert: Infos dazu gibt's auf der Seite Auf die Seite gehen und dich mit deiner LRZ-Kennung und Passwort einloggen. "Download for Windows" klicken und installieren. Client starten und verbinden mit den Eingaben: --> LRZ-Kennung und Passwort Danach kannst du den BOTSAMML als Netzlaufwerk verbinden (siehe meine Anleitung von damals) und hast ihn als Verzeichnis im Windows Explorer.

2) Über das Webinterface der Webdisk: Im Browser die folgende Seite aufrufen: Dich mit LRZ-Kennung und Passwort einloggen. Dann bist du im Web-Interface der LRZ-Cloud. Verzeichnis SNSB/bot/BOTSAMML