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The software application DiversityNaviKey (DNK) is a generic tool primarily designed for any kind of diagnosis and interactive identification of organisms or other items as well as item groups which are part of or related to biodiversity, geodiversity or environmental research, by means of a set of pre-defined characteristics. It allows for sophisticated selection based on highly structured data sources (datasets) with descriptive data (trait data with descriptors, descriptor categorical states, descriptor values). The browser-based tool is optimized to build and run determination keys based on the consecutive selection of descriptors, descriptor states and values during the identification process. Selection criteria might be predefined by individual user or changed during the identification process.

The new application is realised as a „Progressive Web Application (PWA)“. Thus, it is platform independent and is running on every common browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari). The pages are responsive and adjusted to the user device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). On smartphones it looks like a native app. By using caching mechanism of modern browsers, like ServiceWorker and IndexedDB, the main tasks of the application will also be available in offline mode. The access to the tool might be organised as part of existing web portals and information systems.

DiversityNaviKey is using SDD structured data sources offered via PostgreSQL cache database mechanisms and REST web services as established for DiversityDescriptions. It is the reimplementation of the well-known multi-lingual java applet/application NaviKey which is also an integrated part of the DiversityNavigator database client.

For current software releases see https://divnavikey.snsb.info.

Code Repository: https://github.com/SNSB/DiversityNaviKey

DiversityNaviKey was presented 2021

See also paper:

  • Triebel, D., Grunz, A., Seifert, S., Link, A. & Rambold, G., (2021). DiversityNaviKey, a Progressive Web Application for interactive diagnosis and identification. In: , . (Hrsg.), INFORMATIK 2021. Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn. (S. 517-538). DOI: 10.18420/informatik2021-040

SNSB Press release 2022: SNSB entwickelt neue Diagnose-App für Forschung und Sammlungen with English version SNSB develops new diagnostic app for natural science objects

Data sources

Currently six data sources are open and freely available for diagnosis and identification purposes with use of DiversityNaviKey and data access via the SNSB IT Center. They are from different scientific fields (botany, mycology, lichenology, bacteriology, chemistry, sociology). The by far largest dataset is that on lichen trait data provided by the long-term information system LIAS.

The table under DWB DiversityNaviKey data sources describes the single datasets.

Future extension to cover DiversityMobile functions is envisaged. DiversityNaviKey might also become part of the wider NFDI4Biodiversity RDC cloud tool network.

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