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Currently six data sources are open and freely available for diagnosis and identification purposes with use of DiversityNaviKey and data access via web servers of the SNSB IT Center. They are from different scientific fields (botany, mycology, lichenology, bacteriology, chemistry, sociology). The data management is done in three independent installations of DiversityDescriptions (DD_BFL, DD_GFBIO and DD_LIAS) at the SNSB IT Center.

The by far largest dataset is that on lichen trait data provided by the long-term information system LIAS.

For current software releases see https://divnavikey.snsb.info.

The table below describes the single datasets.

DiversityNaviKey code and project logo Title and description of the data source (dataset) Responsible/ author(s) Creative Commons Licenses (CC) (textual data and hosted images) Number of items, number of item values (•) Number of descriptors, number of categorical descriptor states (•) Number of linked images and documents hosted by SNSB Linked internet resources Access point with citation (e.g. re3data, DOI) References and notes
BELMONTsurveydesc (••)

Belmont Forum Open Data Survey 2014 Schmidt, Birgit; Gemeinholzer, Birgit; Treloar, Andrew; Hodge, Jonathan; Santanchè, André; Oakley, Kim CC BY 1,328 items with 63,123 categorical state values and 1,490 text values 80 descriptors with 69 categorical descriptors (238 categorical states), 11 free text descriptors - - Raw data as csv-files under https://zenodo.org/record/16384#; see http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.608984 for all versions Schmidt, B., Gemeinholzer, B., Treloar, A (2016): Open Data in Global Environmental Research: The Belmont Forum's Open Data Survey. PLOS One, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146695; https://data.snsb.info/dataset/gfbio/projects_gfbio/968. (DD_GFBIO)
BFLheilpflanzendesc (•••)

BFL Heilpflanzen     
Artenquiz zum Thema Heilpflanzen in Bayern Hagedorn, Gregor; Plank, Andreas; Leininger, Iris; Link, Anton CC BY ... CC BY SA 197 items with 3,210 categorical state values 15 descriptors with 15 categorical descriptors (115 categorical states) 2,166 images and other resource links of items, 157 images codes of categorical states + - see also under DiversityDescriptions_Quiz and Artenquiz Documentation; dataset will be further expanded as regards content. (DD_BFL)

DEEMY – An Information System for Characterization and DEtermination of EctoMYcorrhizae Agerer, Reinhard; Rambold, Gerhard CC BY-NC-ND 554 items with 63,806 categorical state values, 38,270 quantitative values, 928 text values 498 descriptors with 341 categorical descriptors (1,336 categorical states), 154 quantitative, 3 free text descriptors 177 images of items, 59 images of descriptors, 596 images of categorical states, accessed via URIs from SNSB image webserver - re3data.org: DEEMY; editing status 2019-01-24; re3data.org - Registry of Research Data Repositories. http://doi.org/10.17616/R3ZF5V last accessed: 2021-08-04 (DD_GFBIO)
DSMZbacdivedesc (••)

Mobilisation of data for GFBio services – Bacterial Descriptions Use Case Söhngen, Carola; Bunk, Boyke; Podstawka, Adam; Gleim, Dorothea; Overmann, Jörg CC BY 5 items with 589 categorical state values, 158 quantitative values, 208 text values, 4 molecular sequence values 310 descriptors with 200 categorical descriptors (680 categorical states), 56 quantitative, 54 free text descriptors, 1 sequence descriptor - ? Access points in BacDive - The Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase under Blastocatella fastidiosa Foesel et al. 2013 A2_16, Aridibacter kavangonensis Huber et al. 2014 Ac_23_E3, Aridibacter famidurans Huber et al. 2014 A22_HD_4H, Edaphobacter aggregans Koch et al. 2008 emend. Dedysh et al. 2012 Wbg-1, Edaphobacter modestus Koch et al. 2008 Jbg-1 https://data.snsb.info/dataset/gfbio/projects_gfbio/967. (DD_GFBIO)

LIAS light
LIAS light – A Database for Rapid Identification of Lichens Rambold, Gerhard; Davydov, Evgeny; Elix, John A.; Haiduk, Eva; Nash III, Tom H.; Scheidegger, Christoph; Zedda, Luciana CC BY-NC-ND more than 13,000 items (more than 10,800 published) with more than 554,000 categorical state values, more than 104,000 quantitative values, more than 18,000 text values 71 descriptors with 58 categorical descriptors (3,091 categorical states), 9 quantitative, 4 free text descriptors - + re3data.org: LIAS; editing status 2019-02-22; re3data.org - Registry of Research Data Repositories. http://doi.org/10.17616/R3134N last accessed: 2021-08-04 lichen names maintained in LIAS names, lichen vocabulary maintained in LIAS glossary. In addition, LIAS light data are accessible in DELTA format to be used locally. For utilisation with the browser-based Java applet NaviKey see http://liaslight.lias.net/Identification/Navikey/World/en_GB/index.html; dataset will be further expanded as regards content.DD (UBTEthnomyc) auf SNSB VM snsb.diversityworkbench.de, 5432. (DD_LIAS)

LIAS metabolites       
LIAS metabolites – A Database for the Rapid Identification of Secondary Metabolites of Lichens Elix, John A.; Kalb, Klaus; Rupprecht, Johanna; Schobert, Rainer; Rambold, Gerhard CC BY-NC-ND 881 items with 5,989 categorical state values, 6,329 quantitative values, 1,637 text values 38 descriptors with 12 categorical descriptors (193 categorical states), 21 quantitative, 5 free text descriptors ? + - see also Elix 2014; dataset will be further expanded as regards content. (DD_LIAS)
UBTMYCethnomycdesc / EthnoMycAfrica (••••)

EthnoMycAfrica – Ethnomycological knowledge in Africa Kinge, Rosemary Tonjock; Jefwa, Joyce Mnyazi; Houdanon, Roel D.; Kamalebo, Héritier Milenge; Abduzalem, Ahmed; Gryzenhout, Marieka; Rambold, Gerhard CC BY 1,366 items with 13,490 categorical state values and 6,438 text values 34 descriptors with 21 categorical descriptors (486 categorical states), 13 free text descriptors - - - item status from Mar. 2023 (DD); HTML Questionnaire for EthnoMycAfrica Database, to run the HTML questionnaire locally please download the zip-archive

The numbers of items, descriptors, values are those in the productive DiversityDescriptions databases (SNSB installations; status August 2021) which might be larger than the numbers available for DNK access.

•• The data maintenance, enrichment and data publication is done as part of the the DFG-funded project German Federation for Biological Data (GFBio).

••• The data generation, maintenance and data publication is done as part of the project Flora von Bayern.

•••• The data generation, maintenance and data publication is done as part of ITCER e.V. activities with involvement of SNSB IT Center and NFDI4Biodiversity.

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